Website design by Internet Image Kettering

Good website design isn't about design!

Our designs are not intended to win designer awards, though they could be! Instead, our designs are intended to bring visitors - and ultimately business - to our clients. The simple fact is that great, innovative designs may work in media advertising (though with certain caveats) but do NOT work on the Internet; not unless you already have a universally recognised brand.

The whole point of a website is to attract clients and bring business; to get people to take positive action; to get people to commit to buy. Masterpieces of flashy, intricate designs and incredible concepts invariably fail miserably at this simple task. It's simple. Do you want us to win awards, or do you want to increase your conversion rate?

At Internet Image, we know what makes people use websites. And more importantly, what makes people stay on websites and act on the information provided. In other words - what makes customers out of visitors.

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